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8 Top Reasons To Hire Wedding Marquees

Hiring wedding marquees has become an enduringly popular trend over the last few years, especially in Dublin. And that’s mainly because a marquee not only creates a unique and special atmosphere for the bride and the groom but also the guests. It allows a couple to transform their dream wedding plans into reality.

So, if you are looking for unconventional ways to make your D-day memorable, consider hiring a marquee for your wedding. Here are the top eight reasons why you should hire an event planner in Dublin to organize a marquee for your wedding.

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  1. An opportunity to choose your wedding venue

Finding a wedding venue is stressful with couples visiting multiple locations to settle on something that nearly matches their dream venue. The only way to avoid the fatigue of finding a wedding venue is by hiring a marquee.

A marquee comes with a black canvas that can be decorated with the design and style you want. It can transform a simple space like a patio garden or a stretch of beach into a magical wedding space. Thus, by hiring a wedding marquee, you can choose any venue without stressing about renting a place nearby.

  • Your wedding marquee can be customized

Unlike banquet halls or reception rooms in hotels, wedding marquees can be custom-built, especially for you. While banquet halls offer one-size fit for all, marquee sizes can be tailored according to your needs and preference.

Hiring a wedding marquee is the best way to avoid choosing a venue that is too small and cramped or too roomy and spacious. A marquee can be built to fit the size of any event and create an atmosphere as dreamt by the wedding couple.

  • Design Your Wedding Marquee Your Way
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Now that you have your wedding marquee pitched, what can you consider doing with it? Well, you can pick an interior design of your choice, preference, style, and personality. However, for that, ensure to hire a reputed event planner in Dublin who can provide a multitude range of variations in marquee lights, roof linings, etc.

Partnering with a reputed wedding planner will let you create a space that elevates your D-day location and enduringly suits your plans & ideas for the day. And also since no two marquees are the same, you get to create a unique layout that represents your personality, and of course, one that you and your spouse have dreamt of.

  • Enjoy More Flexibility

A wedding marquee offers more flexibility in terms of choosing a venue, space decoration, accommodation, and budget. Marquees allow you to bring the outdoor view inside. And hence, you can choose a scenic venue of your choice without worrying about the weather or any other venue restriction.

To open up more space and add natural lighting to the wedding space, you can consider hiring a traditional pole marquee. It comes with high roofs and panoramic clear window walls, allowing you to enjoy the lovely outdoor view from inside the marquee. Besides that, you get to transform a low-cost venue into a dream wedding venue by hiring a wedding marquee.

  • Create A Theme Of Your Choice

One of the biggest and most interesting advantages of hiring a wedding marquee is that you can be as creative as you like. Since a marquee comes with a black canvas with no existing decor, you can pick any wedding theme, color, and decor of your choice. Be it modern, classic, vintage, country, or beach theme, a wedding marquee has it all covered!

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Unlike traditional reception rooms or banquet halls, wedding marquees offer furniture and lighting hire in a wide range of colors and designs. You may even come across event planners providing bespoke dance floors with a marquee to create an amazing focal point and beautiful atmosphere of your choice.

  • Get A Caterer Of Your Choice

Getting an opportunity to choose a wedding caterer of your choice allows you to include your preferable dishes in your wedding menu. Basically, you get to eat what you want and not what’s being limited by a hotel menu. There are amazing event caterers around, offering an expansive range of catering and serving options like pop-up kitchens, sit-down dinners, etc.

Moreover, the best wedding caterers in Dublin source local food items from premium suppliers and prepare high-quality delicious food to suit all tastes and budgets. Just ensure to check the reviews and ratings of the event planner before making any final commitment.

Final Words

Hopefully, this blog helped you learn the reasons why you should hire an event planner in Dublin to organize a marquee for your wedding. Given the benefits, hiring one of the best wedding marquees can help you get the dream wedding you and your spouse have envisioned. Just ensure to check the reputation and quality of service when hiring a wedding planner of your choice.