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10 Easy Ways to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean and Healthy

Having a pool at home is a terrific way to beat the heat during the summer. But having a pool also means that you have to take care of it. Otherwise, chances are that the pool becomes futile, and you will have to opt for swimming pool removal Proper maintenance and regular cleaning make your pool a fun and safe place for your family or friends to enjoy. Here are ten easy ways you can maintain your swimming pool.

Test the Water Quality

Pool owners should test the water regularly to ensure it is safe and clean for swimming. Water testing kits are available at most home improvement stores. They can test the pH level, total alkalinity, chlorine, and other critical elements of healthy swimming pool water. If any levels are off balance, you may need to adjust them with chemicals or other treatments (more on later).

When not in Use, Cover Your Pool 

One of the most common reasons for swimming pool removal is that we tend not to use it when the temperature drops, which ruins its functioning and water quality. The most crucial advice we can provide to avoid such a scenario is to keep your pool covered while it’s not in use. Doing this may prevent several issues, including the contaminating presence of leaves and insects in the water. A cover further protects the structure of the pool.

It is an excellent application for specific pool tents. The tent also has the advantages of being collapsible, heating the water, and ensuring constant temperature.

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Skim Debris

Using a skimmer net, scrape the pool’s surface daily to remove leaves, sticks, bugs, and other debris that may have blown into the pool overnight. It will help keep your water clean by preventing waste from sinking deeper into the water, where it’s harder to remove.

Brush Walls & Floors

You should brush down your walls and floors at least once weekly to prevent algae growth and keep them looking their best. Using a simple brush attachment on your pole will do the job nicely! Just make sure you’re brushing from top to bottom so as not to move any dirt or debris around in the water.

Improper installation of tiles can also cause mould on the surface of swimming pools. Here the workers do inappropriate concrete disposal in Melbourne and fix the tiles without levelling the surface. Therefore, it is essential to opt for reliable swimming pool installation professionals, so there are fewer chances of debris accumulation on the walls and floors of the pool.

Renew the Filters

Even if the chemical levels are adequate, a filthy filter can significantly impact water circulation and cause a green or hazy pool. Most of the time, an experienced technician can fix the issue. However, if the damage is beyond repair, you must go for swimming pool removal

Millions of minute particles attach to the filter as water flows through it. This buildup can cause the pump to be slow and ineffective. Remember that filters come in various forms, each with a specific cleaning procedure. How often? Weekly filter cleaning is recommended.

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Vacuum & Clean Cartridges

Vacuuming is also essential for keeping your water clean – especially if you have an above-ground model with removable filter cartridges – as these will need cleaning every few weeks, depending on usage levels. Use an appropriate cartridge cleaner solution (available at most home improvement stores) according to instructions on the bottle to effectively clean away grime and build-up without damaging your filter system components.

Shock the Pool 

“Shocking” involves adding chlorine or other sanitising agents to kill off bacteria that may be present in the pool (especially after heavy usage). This process should be done monthly (or more often if necessary) as part of a regular maintenance routine to ensure proper sanitation levels remain consistent and safe for swimmers all season long!

Water Level

Pools lose water as a result of use and evaporation. Water levels shouldn’t be permitted to drop below the intake tubes of the skimmer since doing so might harm the pump. The most straightforward technique to replenish the pool is to run a garden hose through the water for a few minutes. Before doing so, be careful to verify your area’s water limitations. When skimming the pool weekly, check the water level.

Balance Chemicals Properly

As mentioned earlier, chemical levels should be tested regularly using an appropriate testing kit. Then adjust accordingly with liquid chlorines or other sanitising agents such as bromine tablets when needed – to maintain proper balance within your pool’s environment. It will help keep it looking its best while preventing algae growth over time!

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Check Equipment Regularly

Last but certainly not least – don’t forget those all-important mechanical components like pumps, filters, etc., which need attention too! Inspecting these parts periodically throughout each season helps ensure they continue correctly running so everything works together seamlessly when it comes time for family swim time. Otherwise, you will have to let go of your precious pool and choose a swimming pool removal or reinstallation.


With just a little bit of diligence each week and regular maintenance checks throughout each season, you can quickly turn your backyard swimming pool into an inviting paradise for friends and family alike. From testing chemical balances through skimming debris from surfaces; brushing walls/floors; vacuuming/cleaning cartridges; shocking; balancing chemicals properly; through checking equipment regularly. Many steps are involved, but following these tips will help make owning/maintaining a backyard oasis easier. So why wait? Get out there today & start enjoying those crystal clear waters. 
However, P&S Concrete Removal will “fill in” or “remove” your pool at no additional cost if you wish to remove it. They can also help you turn the occupied space into a magnificent lawn or garden area with the help of their expertise. They provide swimming pool removal services around Melbourne using cutting-edge machinery and our decades of experience