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Emerald Robinson, a Former White House Correspondent, Has Been Fired From Newsmax

After allegedly spreading false information about COVID-19 vaccines, Emerald Robinson was fired by Newsmax. She’s since become an independent journalist and has been suspended from Twitter. The reprimand follows a policy that prohibits users from misrepresenting facts. However, this doesn’t mean she has lost her step.

Newsmax fired emerald Robinson after she spread false stories about COVID-19 vaccines

Newsmax has fired reporter Emerald Robinson after she spread false stories about the COVID-19 vaccine on Twitter. Robinson is a white house correspondent at Newsmax and shared the false claim about the vaccine in a tweet. The company quickly deleted the post, saying that the tweet violated their platform rules. Robinson has not responded to the removal on Twitter.

Vaccines do not contain luciferase, a luminescent enzyme in the human body that produces light. The Newsmax reporter’s tweet has been removed from Twitter due to a violation of Twitter’s policy against spreading misinformation. In addition, Robinson has not responded to a LinkedIn request for comment on her tweet.

While it is unknown whether the bioluminescent marker in COVID-19 vaccines is a real component, the claim is based on false information posted on Facebook. One such post warns that the COVID-19 vaccine contains the “MARK OF THE BEAST” enzyme. The message cites patent number 060606. The three sixes refer to the apocalyptic narrative in the Book of Revelation: those who carry the “mark” of the beast are destined to be tortured in fire and brimstone.

The Newsmax spokesperson denied the false claims. She also denied that the vaccine contained luciferin and luciferase, which are two proteins that produce bioluminescence. The vaccines from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson do not contain these substances.

She’s now an independent journalist

Before becoming an independent journalist, Emerald Robinson worked as a white house reporter for the Newsmax network. She gained headlines when she said that a vaccine contained a “tracker linked to the devil.” Her infamous tweet got her banned from Twitter for life, and she hasn’t been seen on television since. Her future with Newsmax is unclear. The network is currently reviewing her social media accounts.

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A Newsmax reporter recently asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki about the negative things that are being said about President Joe Biden. Psaki responded quickly, stating that many unnamed “people” are worried about some of the people in the Biden administration. This quote was reminiscent of President Donald Trump’s favourite phrase, “people are saying.” This is a rhetorical ploy to avoid having to back up their statements with facts.

After becoming a prominent media personality in the media industry, Emerald Robinson shifted her focus from news to investigative journalism. Her brash approach to breaking news, including exposing corporate corruption, has made her a target of many. But her career has gotten even more interesting as she has started reporting on the White House in a new light. She was once the White House correspondent for the One America News Network and spearheaded media relations for the Institute for Global Economic Growth. With Newsmax’s help, Robinson has established herself as a top White House correspondent and will have access to a network of seasoned journalists.

In recent years, Robinson has become a popular media figure and has worked for Newsmax and One America News as their chief White House correspondent. Her work has included interviews with world leaders, including President Trump and Sen. Rand Paul. She has also written articles for various media outlets.

She’s a former white house correspondent for Newsmax

Emerald Robinson is a political correspondent for Newsmax TV and a former chief White House correspondent for One America News Network. She has written and interviewed President Trump, Secretary Mike Pompeo, and Ben Carson, among others. Her work has been praised by Rush Limbaugh and Sebastian Gorka. She has also produced a series on global economic policy, Improbable Success, which garnered six million viewers during its premiere. Since then, it has been aired to a global audience.


Robinson began her career as a journalist and then hosted a syndicated science show. She earned a B.A. in Mass Communications from the University of Virginia. She is married and has two small children. A committed Christian, she has consistently reported on the persecution of Christians worldwide.

While Newsmax claims that the Covid 19 vaccine contains no toxins, Robinson’s tweets are not true. The network also denied that the vaccines contain tracking markers. While Newsmax is investigating Robinson’s social media posts, Robinson’s tweets have caused some controversy. Despite Newsmax’s disavowal of Robinson’s tweets, Newsmax is still under fire after being sued by Smartmatic voting systems for disseminating false information.

Earlier this year, Newsmax pulled Emerald Robinson from their airwaves due to accusations of spreading false stories about vaccines. She falsely claimed that vaccines contain bioluminescent markers and subsequently violated Twitter’s COVID-19 misinformation policy. Eventually, the news channel banned Robinson from their social media accounts. This week, Robinson was reinstated to Newsmax but returned to social media a day later. After her suspension was lifted, she posted another tweet linking to an article about a supposed marker in a vaccine.

She’s been suspended from Twitter for violating the COVID-19 misinformation policy

Emerald Robinson was suspended from Twitter after posting anti-vaccine comments. In one post, Robinson suggested that vaccinations are linked to Satan and should not be given to children. This comment caused Twitter to suspend her account permanently. But it’s not an isolated incident. There have been several cases where misinformation about vaccinations has spread online.

In one case, a Newsmax White House correspondent named Emerald Robinson was banned from Twitter permanently for making a false claim about the COVID-19 vaccine. She claimed that the vaccine contained a bioluminescent marker called LUCIFERASE. In another case, she cited the Book of Revelations.

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The Twitter spokesperson confirmed that Emerald Robinson has been permanently suspended for violating their policy on misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine. According to Twitter, Robinson violated the policy several times. Her tweets pushed conspiracy theories about the alleged role of the devil in the creation of the vaccine, and she claimed that the vaccine contained a bioluminescent substance that allows people to be tracked.

A Newsmax spokesperson said: “While Newsmax believes that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, the Newsmax team has found evidence that Ms Robinson has propagated misinformation about the vaccine. She has falsely claimed that vaccines could rewrite your DNA.

She’s moved on to a new job

Emerald Robinson, a former White House correspondent, has been sidelined from Newsmax. She was suspended following a controversial tweet about the Covid-19 vaccine. Robinson claimed the vaccine contained a bioluminescent marker called luciferase. This is a faulty statement since luciferase is not a tracker.

Robinson’s previous job was at One America News. She had a half-million Twitter following and promoted false claims about public health and religion. She has also been banned from Twitter. Her recent dismissal from Newsmax is not surprising. The conservative local news giant was cowed by the prospect of being sued for $1.3 billion.

She’s not the only journalist who has been a victim of the media frenzy. Reporters are still unable to determine who is responsible. Several news outlets are still investigating Robinson’s tweet, which is considered a disinformation tactic. But the news network is taking action in response to her tweet, saying that the report violated its disinformation policy.

Robinson was recently dropped from Newsmax after promoting COVID-19 conspiracy theories. She is now hosting a live-streaming program for MyPillow, a company that aims to educate and entertain viewers on the truth about vaccinations. She will also host a show on her own on Lindell TV.

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